As the full moon approaches on the 30th of August so too, is the 1st month anniversary of my beautiful mums passing.

How perfectly divine you chose to leave on a full moon mum.

I have wanted to put pen to paper for the last month to express my sadness and sorrow at the passing of this beautiful, sensitive, kind and inspiring woman, but it has been too soon.  And still is a little, but the need to share a little is what I wish to do today.

As grief lingers in my life this year with the passing of my father in February and now my mother last month, this year has been a year of change, a year of grieving, a year of learning how to be again.  My job was to care, to help and to be there for my parents and now they are no longer in our world and finally free of the struggles found here.

There are so many words and so much emotion that describe my beautiful mother and who she was and how she inspires me to lead the life I do today.

Courage, compassion, kindness, fearlessness, strength, beauty, teacher, pure, love are some of the words that honour her. She was and still is my great love and I will miss her soft hands, her smile, her light and laughter.  I know she is with me, as is my dad, but the human sorrow I feel of  not seeing them again, the comfort of their familiar smell or the sound of their voice is a sadness our hearts will feel.

Free as a bird mum, you are free to choose exactly as you wish.

I love you dearly, endlessly and purely.

Your loving daughter forever x



Mum and Me