Aligned with Angelina Stojic – Event

Channeling live messages for those who attend, this event is navigated by the audience to ask questions allowing it to flow wherever it needs to.  Questions about everything and anything is welcomed, personal or global, where channeled or inspired information with the Allegiance of Light will come through.

The Allegiance of Light is an energy system that I work with bringing through new and known information for our world.  This energy system consists of all that is in light. Many of my blogs have been inspired through this energy stream who resonates upon a high vibrational frequency.

Personal readings are part of this event, guided by light giving messages to those who need them for health and healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level with the odd visitor from the other side.

A  highly interactive and fun event, this is a great night for all those who attend.

Private and Corporate bookings available.

Your Point of Power

Private Bookings

Connecting with all energy systems available to me for your personal reading working with you and your light.  As I work directly with powerful light energies, shifts and changes may occur on a primary level of your energy system. The beginning of all that is.

Available with skype or in person.

$150 AUD approx 1.5 hours

To find out more please phone (+61)416 130 883 or email Book Now


When you choose my energies, you choose change.

Light in you