So what is it distracting you right now?  What is it that you are doing to keep busy?  Not just your physical being, but your mind?  What do you do in excess to keep away from the stillness?  What is it you think about to keep away silence?

I was led to look up the meaning of distraction. The general definition is that of –  a thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else or extreme agitation of the mind.

Interesting….  so I went further to see how it is broken down.  “Dis” – being a latin prefix meaning away, asunder, apart or having a negative or reversing force, with “Traction” generally meaning to be drawn or pulled.

So to break it all down, my definition is that “distraction is the conscious choice of being pulled or drawn away from what really matters in our lives.”

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Distraction is very common practice in our lives today.  It is actually keeping us from realising our truth, who we really are and what it is we are doing here. It actually stops us from actualising our dreams in some cases.

Let me give you some examples of distraction in our world.

  • Social Media
  • Commercial TV and Radio
  • News
  • Advertising
  • Consumerism
  • Societal Pressure to fit in

So I am going to ask you, what is it you do in excess?  Is it Facebook?  Is it the Instagram selfie?  Is it too much exercising?  Or too much food & wine?  Or do you obsess about yinsta logoour health and wellness? Or the cleanliness of your house?  I am not talking OCD, I am talking being distracted on a regular basis with things that are not always constructive but destructive.

Some of these may sound a bit out of the ordinary.  Okay too much TV or Social Media we all know is not good.  Most of us are addicted.  If you cannot leave your phone for 2 hours.  Guess what…. you are addicted.  But exercising, health and wellness?

At the end of the day, if there is too much of anything that you are doing in your life, it is distracting you from YOU! Admit it or not, you are being distracted from something you may not want to face. Is it the silence of what you might be faced with?  Is it the emotions in your heart?  Is it the stillness of not knowing what comes next?  Too keep control?  Too keep on top of everything?  Well I have some news for you.  You do not have control if you do not know your truth.  Your heart, your emotions and all that inside of you, will not go away. And it will continue to come back and challenge you until you decide to listen to the voice of your hearts truth.

Of course those extra push ups or kale smoothies will do yourself a world of good, but at the end of the day, and of our lives, what matters is if we were true to our hearts.  If we were true to our lives.  Did we listen?  Or did we avoid?

And please let me clarify, that when I say the voice of your heart, this is not our romantic, “shall I listen to my heart” voice. When I speak of “heart truth”, I speak of the very essence of us.  The reason we were put on this earth.  The voice of our absolute absoluteness! If you listen you will hear it, feel it, you will just know it.  You probably already do, we just keep distracting ourselves so we don’t have to face it.

At the end of the day, we are all here just to be the best we can be.  Whatever that may be to you. And we are all unique and have personal journeys of our own.  Our destination is the same and that is, cliché cliché, love.  To love absolutely.  What we are talking about here is the balance. To find the stillness in your day and listen.  To really know who you are and the love you hold within you.  Love - Tone 386hz

Sometimes we are led by what others think to be true or “right” for us.  Or we continue a way of life out of routine and sameness in fear of the unknown.  There is no way of life, or choice made that I judge here, it is mere observation on the choices we make each day.

From fear or truth?

To really live your full life you will need to find some stillness in your day.  Stillness in your mind. Stillness in your busy-ness.  Find time to look within you and see if you are honouring the very person you are.  Are you honouring you?  Your life?  Your world? Or avoiding it. For it is when our cups are full, when our hearts are overflowing, we have so much more to serve others.

Here are some ways to move from distraction to attraction.

  • Meditation
  • Walks in Nature
  • Reading a book
  • Self time
  • Journal
  • Singing
  • Being creative
  • Connect with friends/family/loved ones
  • Turn your phone off!

Life is about balance and abundance.

Doing what you love and Being who you love.

In Gods love

Angie xx