Messenger of Light

    Messenger of Light

After The Dark Night Comes the Light

Angelina Stojic is a researcher in self exploration and the ever-evolving journey of what it is to be human upon our planet.

She has discovered that although our individual experiences may look different on the outside, it is how we process our emotion through ourselves in this experience that bind us as a race. The Human Race.

Angie has spent the past two decades studying and researching areas in the realms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This included alternative therapies, meditation, sound healing, movement therapy, energy systems, brain plasticity, cellular reconstruction, DNA transcription, light transduction and more, which has been part of her self-education through her own healing journey of two bouts of cancer.

In that time, Angie also developed and refined her intuitive, psychic and energy healing abilities. She worked in service as an intuitive healer, whilst also channelling information since early 2000’s to share for her blog posts and videos.

Over recent years, loss of family and friends, another cancerous episode, a debilitating depression and anxiety took hold. Financial loss, deep grief, and trauma was a loud message to take some time out and to re-centre which allowed her to discover further tools to re-balance her life which is something she is passionate on sharing again.

Angie’s hope is to inspire others to embrace their inner power in their own way that is aligned to their own truths.

To live a full life, learning to ride the ups and downs with hope.

That we are all here to support and love one another and that kindness to self and others is a key to our healing and health.

She hopes to remind us that we all hold the power to our own health and that we all hold the medicine, the tools within ourselves to bloom our lives.

That our lives are stories to be shared, and that these stories help one another feel connected to life and reason for being.

That we are not alone. And that we are loved.

Angie now chooses to work as an Intuitive, Public Speaker and Facilitator on the world stage.

Keep Hope. I Love You.

Angie xx

You are the light.