Carbon Dating Time

As I was sitting in a gentle meditation yesterday, talking with my guide whom I work with that specifically connects to the physical being and what it needs, I kept getting the word carbon.

Carbon, carbon, carbon.

My guide, White Dove, is an indigenous energy stream, who specifically gives me information on my physical body.  I was asking her what I needed to help my ankle heal, as I had reinjured myself recently and needed to rest.

After sitting with the word carbon, I researched it.  Turns out we, the human, is made up of approx. 12- 18% carbon.  This is the second-highest building block in our body and is the main component of our body’s sugars, proteins, muscle tissue, and DNA. The entire planet is carbon-based and carbon is an important factor in the building blocks of our body, and life as we know it.

It is important to note, that carbon, also goes with the word carbon dating.  Carbon dating is to actually measure how old something is, and can be measured scientifically.  At present we are unable to carbon date living things, or humans, but I am getting that in time, we will be able to carbon date the human blood, to see where each person sits on our blood timelines, as I am led to call it.

The O blood type being the oldest form of blood, you will notice may carry more lifetimes, more insight, more delving into the energy world.  If you are an O blood type and have many challenges or more receptive to the spirit world, or feel like you have had more karma to calm in this life, it is because you carry it in your bloodstream, your DNA, your light codes.

Our DNA carries everything, our past lives, our memory, our light quotient.  We are unable to measure this yet but a time will come where science and spirituality will cross so beautifully that everything will be made clear.  It will not be an actual machine or procedure, but a way of being and seeing the information.  Our senses will be heightened and all will be seen in a new way.

Carbon has an atomic number of 6.

Six is a number of balance and harmony.  It represents wholeness and the healed.  It is a number that is pure gentleness and harmony.

I have been balancing my divine feminine and masculine, so the 6 showed me that a clearing had taken place with my injury.  Being on my left ankle, feminine, this confirmed what it represented for me.

Carbon is a building block for our bodies.  It is an important factor in establishing a healthy balance of body, mind, and spirit.  A connection to self, to heart, and God.

Carbon when under intense pressure becomes a Diamond. And our Diamond light codes have been working on the planet for some time now.

Without carbon, there is no life on earth.

So what does all this mean?

It means the carbon that has been under so much pressure in your body to perform, with stress, physically, and all those challenges outside of us are finally shifting to the diamond light code absorption.  The diamond light codes are of the highest frequency, which allows us to connect to a higher realm of love. To continue to raise the frequency of our planet, and to anchor that in.  It needs to happen in our physicality not just energetically

As this happens for us individually, the shift and light expand globally, galactically.

The pressure that the world is being put under, the people, the power, the patriarchy, mother earth, is all being absorbed by the carbon, to transform into the Diamond Light.

If you are going through any type of stress, challenge or pressure right now, know that the changes are occurring on a very deep level.

Carbon is electron-based.  Electrons are energy.

Please research more if you feel the need.

Trust your process, trust your journey and hold on.

Nourish yourself with water, light, and breath.

These are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

The message for me is just a great reminder of how I need to nurture myself again, as I veered off the road for a while.  I must return to the simplicities of our life on earth.

May you go well.


Inspired Channel 21 April 2021

Allegiance Of Light