It has come to my awareness that there are two ways we can live our lives.

Through ego or through truth.

There is nothing wrong with either, but as all things require a balance in life to ensure we live our best lives.

There is alot of ego bashing going around at the moment and that is not really helpful for anyone.  We need to know pain to know love, we need to know shadow to know light, we  need to know ego to know truth.

Over the last few weeks, ego has been a beautiful soldier in my life, shining her light making me sit and wonder constantly, “Am I coming from Ego, or Am I coming from Truth?  Is this ego based or is it real?”.   It can be and has been a very confusing and muddled time when you search your being, wanting to be connected and working from truth at all times, but questioning some decisions to know if they are ego or truth?

Working from truth constantly is where we will sit as a human race, eventually.  But for now we are working through understanding our ego and our truth.

So as I began unlocking the feelings, emotions and ideas regarding a situation I had decided to partake in, and wondered about my motives?  It became clearer that my motivation was not inspired.  The reason for chasing this particula dream, idea or goal, was not for my highest good at all.  It was for my ego good.  Satisfy my need to be noticed, need to be better, need to confirm my worthiness. I felt in my heart and body, very nervous and anxious about the decision to move ahead with this idea that I was hooked on, but it was like I was possessed, creating all the excuses to go ahead, no matter what, possessed by a force that wanted me to be better, do it big and stand above the rest!

This is not my truth.  This is not what I feel to be true for the highest good of me or for us all.  I know we are all shining lights.  I know we are all equal, beautiful and messengers.  I began to listen to my guidance.  Messages came through my knowingness and began to show me what it was that I was tapping into.  I was  a slave to my ego, and this was my test.

“Whatever you need to work on will constantly show up in your life until it is healed completely” – Dr Wayne Dyer

So after some inner work, and with little hesitation, I quickly cancelled the event I was to attend and it felt like a relief.  A complete and utter relief.  My life slowed down, my ideas began to flow, my other projects started to flourish and all became synchronized with how I was feeling.

I know there is still work to be done with ego in this life, but I tell you one thing.  I have never felt freer than I do at this moment.  It was this test, challenge, idea, that helped me separate my ego from my truth.  I now know how it feels when my life is following ego.  I now know how it feels to follow my heart, my truth.

So if you are in the midst of learning and defining self, ego and truth, keep asking the question. Is this ego or truth inspired?  Keep asking because ego likes to keep making excuses to make you feel better.  What has inspired you to pursue this path?  Keep asking and keep listening.  What are you feeling?

Do you feel anxious, impatient, in a hurry to get things done, on the clock, worry, thinking alot?  This is ego.

Do you feel excited, nervous with anticipation, enthusiastic, creative, inspired?  This is truth.

You will know it is truth, because it feels light, it feels good, you may even feel a little excitement or even fear as you start this new way.

Be brave, have courage.  It is the truth that will lead you to the best possible life you have ever imagined.

May the truth be with you!