The evolution of consciousness is upon us now.

It is a profound time in our human history for we have not known it here on this planet in such a way.  It is time for the progression of the state of mind.  For it is no longer a state of attraction, law of attraction, manifest to be.  It is.

For the ability to transform space and time is within you.  It is part of all that you are.

The ability to thrust the thought into immediate motion.  The notion of motion.  It is done.

The force of the power of the thought is propelled into ALL space and time.

For what is it that must be understood at this point?

Do you require proof?  Proof of existence?  Proof of this existence?

The understanding lies in the knowing.  For as you evolve your knowing the true potential of all that is, the complete knowing that ALL is possible, THEN the proof, the evidence is not required.

For it is here we come with light, we come with ideas, information for you to sit with dear ones.

Do you believe ALL is possible?

I must remind you the energies upon the earth at this time, are still in duality with some, but to create with darkness will no longer be held on this planet.  To create, and create for the highest good of all is the state of a natural balance.

The natural balance of all things pure.

It is here, now at this time, we ask you to allow yourself to KNOW.  To just know all things are possible.  To see is not to believe.

TO KNOW IS TO KNOW.  For it already IS. (infinite source)

It is the trust in your heart of knowing that true life unfolds.  Each step you take dear ones is perfect.  Your journey is unique.  You are supported and loved. Be kind to self.

It is at this time of great evolution in consciousness is upon us, a profound change.  You are here to facilitate this change with others.  You are all united in this glory of love.  The love of the human race, the love of mother earth, the love of the entire system of life. Energy. Light.

Remember dear ones, you are light, and although at times this may be difficult to understand or feel, KNOW you are beauty, magnificence, and pure light source.

We come to you in peace.

We come to you in grace.

It is a great time in our history.

Our history, being the entire system we are united in.

May your journey be one of glory and grace.

In Gods Love

Light Peace prevails.

It is so.