I am drawn to write and share with you information on ORACLE.

The word came to me very strongly a few weeks back and I was compelled to channel a message and record.

What is an Oracle?  Who is Oracle? Where is Oracle? Oracle definition with google dictionary.com :

-a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.-

In simpler terms, Oracle is a being, energy system or person, who imparts wisdom to those who seek via source.

An Oracle is a messenger.

Today I am here to tell you that you are your Oracle.  I have been led to share that all the answers you seek are within you.  It is time to really look within.  Sit in the silence of the breath and listen to every moment.  Allow your being to be present it the space of silence.  For it is here that all your answers will be found.  Your heart is the knowing, your mind is the intuition.  It is a balance of the feminine and masculine for a divine beautiful symphony that sings through your very being.

Everything that you are, choose, think, see, be is part of all that you are.  You are a magnificent energy system that is an oracle within an oracle within an oracle.  The answers you seek are not hidden.  They are waiting for you.  Be not afraid of the dark my friend, for it is the dark that will make you strong and the light that makes you joyful.  To know one is to know the other.  There must be a divine balance.

To take in your beath with consciousness.  To take in your breath and allow it to penetrate through your energy system is the place where your answers will be found.

What question do you have for your Oracle?  What answer do you seek?   Allow the question into your heart.  Allow the question into your mind.  Sit with your question and let it go……  Feel it.   Where do you feel it?  Is it in your heart?  Does it say yes?  Does it feel good?  Feel the answers, dear friend, for it is in the knowing of the light in your heart that the answers will make themselves known.

Sit with your feminine heart and allow the love to fill your body.  Trust your masculine power and know that it leads you to your truth.  There is no gender here these are just words to contrast. Our truth is in the union.  The union of all that is.

What is occurring within your life at the moment is actually happening on a global scale.  Allow all of the changes to occur.  Letting go of all judgment.  Judgment blocks.  Allowing flows.

Flow with the life that is with you.  Your breath life.  The life, spirit, is within your breath.  Focus on your breath to allow a sense of peace to emanate from your being.  Trust that all you do in love is all you do.  Trust in the process and allow.

You are the oracle you have been seeking.


Angie – 5.55am 31st October 2016