This is information that will be required once we have mastered our energy and called to heal.

To master our discernment and our energy system is an important part of how we progress and process our transitions into lighter form to access various dimensions upon our planet with ease.

These details are transcribed for the expansion and wisdom for our planet and for us to seed so we can share and expand the entirety.


As there have been many choices and changes upon the planet, many Lightworkers and Starseeds will be called upon to assist in the healing of others within the physical system.  Especially in the incidents of any foreign substances that have been injected, ingested or placed within the body.

We are being called to refine our skills and become  ‘as refined as scientists’ within our own healing techniques and to master the homing in on what it is we are working with, within the human body.

In particular we are being called to look upon the RNA of our structures.

The RNA within our system, is a frenetic or moving type of energy.  It is where transcription occurs.

It is easy to access the RNA because it is moving, it is frenetic, it is energetic in structure, whilst the DNA is more solid and complete structure.  We are being asked to access the RNA where the transcription takes place and refine the healing to this space. Before it codes the DNA.

It is an easy space to access energetically for it is always in motion, and like energy we have the ability to assist in the changes that can occur when transcribing into new structures.

The RNA is the beginning of the coding, and part of the blueprint where we are able to access a re-transcription or reversal of a damaged transcript.

It is also a place where we are able to access and re-transcript any defaults or any interruptions that are not for our highest good.  We can do it for self and assist others to connect to their own system and retranscript. In essence it is a reversal of what has been done.

We return to the first transcript coding, the first proteins and reverse the code to its purest form.

I am unsure how this will unfold for you, but I know it is part of our healing and ascension.

As we are all unique within our healing methods over years of practice, this way of refining our skill set will show up differently for each of us.  But we are being asked to keep open to the information to utilise when working with other sentient beings.  We are being asked to keep open to the information that will pour through us for the betterment and understanding of our human state.

It is to assist in the understanding of how our bodies work and how we, the human, can manipulate and manoeuvre our light into new transcriptions, or reverse any damaged information that was inserted into our coding.

We must remember when we are working with the coding, we must ground and hydrate at all times.

This is a new way of accessing our bodies system.

Through the RNA.

It is levelling up a new way of being.

We have great power within.

We are able to manage our health and wellbeing from this point.

As masters, we are aware, that many still have lessons to learn, paths to fulfill, and we can only do what we can do.

But I share this, it is a new way for healing self, and awakening others to their own powers.

Trust in your power.

Trust in the truth of your gifts.

And remember we are to become “as refined as scientists.”

I leave you with two ways to access your own RNA structures.

An intention set before either activity, will enhance the specifics.


Transcription of Sunlight

Allow the sunlight to hit your eyes, the retina.

Only a moment or two is required.

The process that then takes place within the eye and then through our system creating proteins, has powerful and beneficial healing properties.


Power of your Sound

Sitting quietly relax your body with breath.

Then when you are ready breathe in.

And as you exhale allow sound to escape your mouth through your vocal chords.

There is not a particular sound required unless you feel led to something.

Allow the breath and sound to end naturally.

Do this three times.


And so it is.