I would encourage anyone considering a healing session with Angie to follow your heart, be brave, follow her lead and begin to let go…. Angie is attentive, intuitive and gentle. Her sensitivity and non judgemental ways quickly helped me learn to trust her. She safely guided me through areas of my life I was fearful to face on my own, shining a light into some of the darkest corners of myself. I had somehow managed to cope with childhood trauma, following my mum’s suicide, but I felt I had more work to do. I had done some of my own work, but I knew my heart still ached and despite all my efforts, I wasn’t quite at peace – I was surviving but felt I was somehow blocked; and I wanted to thrive! Angie skilfully used a number of different techniques throughout the session, including Healing Direction, which opened up new worlds to me. I was surprised how quickly she could cover so much ground, so thoroughly. She so carefully helped me reset my visions of the past & future, giving me much clearer and healthier perspectives of my present life. Layers of trauma just fell away. I know it sounds cliche, but My life really has changed. It’s strange as I don’t know exactly when it happened, but the burden I carried has gone and I experience more joy when I remember my mum than ever. I still have more work to do, but going forward just seems easier now, with a clearer heart, renewed energy and more faith in myself. Best of all, I feel more free to be me – Yay! Thank you Angie.

Katrina BJ – Social Worker

I had a healing with Ange at a time when I was feeling very vulnerable and her whole manner and being instantly put me at ease. She is so kind and caring and you can really tell she loves what she does and is very passionate about it. I had been struggling at the time with a decision I had to make and the session (without me realising it at the time!) made me come away with clarity about what I needed to do to be true to myself. So thank you Ange! I would definitely recommend Ange to anyone as she is kind, knowledgeable, compassionate, caring and AWESOME! Thank you, thank you, thank you!   

Katy K – Kinesiologist

Thank you Angelina for providing a professional and energetic experience for our grand shows!  We love our audiences and feel very safe and at ease with your way of presenting.  An absolute pleasure to work together with you.  A highly recommended presenter and MC.  Professional, passionate and dedicated.

We look forward to our next project.

Kerry Ayre –  X System Australia

I did not consider I had any great problems, fortunately I have an easy life and just stumbled upon  Angie in the course of it some years ago at Zumba.  I soon realised she was special.  Angie  has been a catalyst for growth and change in my life.  I am so thankful to have found such a caring, positive healer who guides me with love, makes me feel safe, helps bring out my own strengths, intuition and clarity.  Encourages me to be the me I want to be.  Angie brings out the smile in me….

Bravely I ventured to my 1st meditation group, Angie guided us and I took that first wonderful step, was so helpful I have been able to call and recall this regularly over the last two years in my own meditations.  Great, so why not try a workshop.  Your Power Your Truth, was a fun day, self empowering and enlightening.  Angie guided and encouraged us as we discovered paths, ideas and easy tips to call on in our journeys.  Would definatley recommend.  I am still amazed and most grateful for the physical healing, clarity, peace and balance of mind and body I have experienced after a Reiki and Direction Technique session and will be making another appointment.

I have recommended to friends who have thanked me and continue to see angie.  If you have even thought about seeking healing and guidance, just do it.

Love and Gratitude.

Glenda O’Riley

Had no particular expectations of how the Power Truth workshop would be but hoped that it would be enlightening and uplifting which it was.  A valuable, useful, practical, positive, self-nuturing and important tools we can use each day.  Thankyou I will be recommending to all my collegues.

Tracey W – Care Worker

Wanted to let you know that I feel fabulous!! Very relaxed especially limbs and also body feels balanced.  Didn”t know what  that felt like prior to your treatment.  Thankyou so very very much.  Also bub slept through all night. Amazing. Perhaps relaxed balance rubbed off on her also.  Have fun.

Glenda Mum/Grandmum

Just been to the chiro and he was very surprised at how good I was.  I mentioned that I had been to see you and he was very impressed.  He said to tell you what a great result had been achieved.  Thank you Angie.

Frances M – Aromatherapy Consultant

I would just like to give my sincere thanks to you for the wonderful healing and reading that you did on Saturday.  I feel absolutely wonderful.  As you know life has been pretty difficult over the last few years and it has been taking its toll on me physically and emotionally.  When I left I really felt so much lighter and more balanced.  it has been 4 days now and I still feel really good. I have taken some of the words and messages that were given to me at the healing and am putting some into practice. I didn’t realise how effective the session was going to be.  I look forward to seeing you again next month.  It has been truly helpful and I feel so very valuable in my life right now.  Thankyou Angelina.

 Sonia – Nurse

It has been over 5 years since I last had a healing session in this field and what an absolute amazing return.  Thank you Angelina for working together with me and helping find the healing that I need.  I love working with my own intuition and it is really helpful for me to continue to do this when  I am at home or away.  I have never experienced the Direction Technique but I love it.  I hope to build my own intuition with using this type of healing on myself.  I look forward to working together with you again.  I know all healing takes time and I am so happy to have discovered this way.  I look forward to seeing you again or even at one of your workshops. Truly grateful.

Hayley B – Teacher

Just sending you a thankyou for a wonderful workshop we did last week.  I am so very happy to be part of this and discovering more about who I am and harnessing my power.  It is so important for me to learn to trust me and all that I know is true for me.  As I am studying at the moment, I am using some of the things to get through the exam period which has been stressing me out!  Thanks Angie had a great day with you and the girls!

Kylie MC- Student