Inspired thought….

Do you ever have inspired thought?  Do you act on that inspired thought?  Or does it become lost in your system somewhere…..

What is inspired thought?  When you have an inspired thought how does it feel?

Inspired thought, to me, is an idea that has landed within my conscious mind and makes me feel, excited and enthusiastic.  It makes me feel motivated and full of anticipation!  Sometimes I act upon this thought and feeling and sometimes I do not.  When I do, not all the actions that I move forward with actually succeed, in human terms of what success is defined as.  to me, I am always successful regardless, as I feel as if I am rediscovering something from each experience.  I say “rediscovering” and not learning, as I sense we, our heart and soul, already know everything.  It resides within us, within our heart, within our soul; all we need to do is call upon it and bring it to our fore mind. Not sure if there is a word called fore mind, but I like it. To bring to the fore of the mind! To our level of awareness!

To uncover our inspiration, the information that ignites the good vibes, we can upload this inspiration from our heart, our pure source, our God within.

We bring it into our conscious mind which helps us become aware of our inspired thought, our passion, our good vibes.  We then take it back into our feeling body with choice, in the here and now.  To access, use, choose  and evolve with each day.  This helps re-train our mind, rewire our brain and literally change our physiology by choosing the good vibes. Choosing the passion, choosing our inspiration, choosing our truth, choosing our pure potential.

This is what is meant when people say choose positive thoughts, follow your bliss, listen to your heart.  It is all the same.  It is our light to shine.  Our message to the world.

How do I choose what to act upon and what not too?  I cannot really say. It is also very unique to each individual.  Maybe it is how motivated I am at the time, or maybe it depends on how inspired the feeling lifts me.  What I do know is that when I follow the feeling, I feel happy.  That’s good right?  I like to feel happy.  I think most of us do.  I have realised though, there can be a fine line between this passion and power.  An act of love can become exhaustive and focused on the success, (human definition of success).  It then turns into work.  And when it turns to work that’s not fun, then it is no longer inspired.

It is when our inspired thought turns into expectation, it then becomes un-fun.

The energy that we first started with, the excited vibe, the inspired vibe turns into worry or stress.  This energy is then not used how first intended. The only reason the inspired vibe will turn into heavy vibe, will happen when we place an expectation on end results instead of just remembering why we were inspired in the first place! When it starts to become uninspired, go back and remember why you were first motivated to act.

Whether it is a new exercise regime, learning a new talent, taking on a new project, study or challenge, an act of inspiration comes from a place of passion.  It comes from a place of power.  This is your power.  This is the place where your pure potential resides. This is where the passion that lights your fire is re-ignited.  This is where your true talent, your gift to the world, your joy is waiting.  It is not hidden.  It is waiting for you to unlock and fly.  How does it show us?  It shows us the way with our feelings.

Your passion, your inspiration will ignite the feelings of fun, joy, happiness and all those good feeling vibes within you.

It is then, it is here, at this point, we have the choice to act or to ignore.

Like I said, not every inspired thought that I have acted upon has been, human definition, successful.  But it has nourished my soul.  It has encouraged good vibes.  It has made me feel good.  It has inspired others.  Isn’t feeling good how we would like to live?  Isn’t inspiring ourselves and others a great feeling? There is no doubt we live in a world that throws us curve balls, and putting a smile on your dial will not wash away pain in your heart when times are tough.  But the small moments we capture, will guide us through times of shadow.  Teaching our brain, our mind, ourselves, to act on inspiration, act on our passion and take this action to feel the good vibe, will help us to ride the wave of joy within our soul and to be our refuge and solace in times we need it most.  It will help us start to live in the moment, to feel the moment. To look within, to soar.

If you continue to act with that inspired thought it will take you to amazing places….


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Inspiration to act…  my intention with this article is to ask you to listen to your inspired thought and act upon them for your journey on this earth as a human being to rediscover yourself.