So as I connected with the energy of Mother Mary before this blog I had the profound feeling that said to me “Speak from the heart, dear one, it is but your truth”.  This is how I recieve each time.

Now as you are reading this you may be asking, who is this person talking to and who in heavens name does she think she is connecting with the Divine Mother Mary?  Well I am and you can to.

See let me explain something.  Something quite scientific that you already know.  We are all energy.  When we leave this planet our energy does not disappear, it takes on another form.  We may not know or understand this form but it doesn’t just go away.  It is forever. I don’t know  how I know this, but I do.  So do you.

So when I call upon Mother Mary, it really is not the person Mary that I speak to, it his her energy system.   To me, her energy represents great peace.  Her presence on this earth was of peace.  She was a child, a daughter, a friend, a mother.  Most of all she was pure love. Peace. To see her as a beautiful woman dressed in a blue and white robe as depicted in many paintings is fine with me as I know it is her message I connect with. Peace.

Her son Jesus, is also an energy system.  You see I call upon him too.  We all can.  Jesus was here on this earth to show us how to live completely and utterly in our truth.  His truth was just to be love. Be kind to one another.  Help one another.  Love one another.  His message on this earth was to love.

Don’t get me wrong, it has taken me a good 20 years to dissasemble and rediscover my own ideas about energy, life and religion.  Being brought up Catholic there are belief systems that are put in place at a very young age, that as we get older and understand our own truth we need to unpack all that was first given to us, and this takes time.  By no means do I disrespect the Catholic religion, or any religion for that matter. For if it was not for Catholisism, I would not be here right now know what I know in my heart to be true for me.  Nor do I hold any judgement for those who continue a life that is based in religion, for we all hold a truth within us and how we find that is for us alone to be at peace with.

There are a great many energy systems and we can call upon any energy system we want to at any time.  I am not sure why I am calling it an energy system, as it is the first time I have used this term, but I feel it is to disaccociate all the ideas we have about words we use to describe things.  Mother Mary describes a person she was on earth at one time.  It does not describe her complete light, her complete love, her complete peace.  Her name are but words for us to connect with her energy system, as are her images.

Just like Jesus, Buddah, Krishna and Jehova they too are energy systems that have been depicted in some way or another.   These words or names just represent who they were at one time for us to identify with that system.  When we call upon these beings, it is their system we connect with not their religion.  For it was not religion they were born into but love.And why we call upon certain systems and not others may just be where we started as a child, unpacking along the way to adulthood.

Systems are not just unseen objects or beings either.  There are many energy systems that we can connect with that are completely visible to the eye.  The sun, the moon, the stars, the ocean, the neighbour, the friend.  It doesn’t really matter who or what you call upon, when or how, they are there and we can connect.

Whether it be physical or non physical we connect with energy systems daily.  We do not need to be with a friend to send them love.  We feel the love and we send it.  As we add to their system and we add to ours.  When you send love you are love.

We must remember what we choose for others we become.

So my reason for sharing this with you today is to remind you that we can all connect with whatever energy system, light being, teacher, messenger, God or Goddess, Angel, galaxy, galactical being, loved one we want to at any time.  We all have access, always.

Who is it that you identify with?  What you see within them is within you. They are just there to remind you. For what you seek is within you.  Courage, Strength, Guidance, Wisdom, Peace, Love.

Find the power within you that knows you can connect with whatever energy system you wish to be in this life. To help you with struggle, to guide you through pain, to encourage you through change.  You have access. Access to great courage, great strength, great wisdom, great peace, great love.

What energy system do you want to connect with?