The beginning of a new lunar year. A great time for letting go of the old and embracing the new.

And so it is with great sadness that I lay my dad to rest this week.  Learning to let go of love in the physical sense and learning to trust in love everlasting.

How death can have a profound affect on your view of life.

It is the first time I have experienced the feelings of losing someone so close to me.  My dad was a strong man, a proud man and a man that I loved very much.

To me he was a great man.

It is strange as I feel I have an understanding of the  process of this change in my life and though I have never been through it I feel as if I am accepting it.

I grieve for not seeing his beautiful face again, for not hearing his funny stories again, for not being able to sit with him and have a cup of coffee again and play cards.

My human heart grieves for the loss of my loved one.  My spirit heart knows he is with me every moment of every day guiding me and helping me through to achieve my dreams, it is this that keeps me so warm and happy inside.

Thank you Tata for teaching me all that you did.  My love for you shines through eternity and I feel honoured to be your daughter.

I know in my heart our love permeates through all space, time and realms forever and ever. And this is my comfort.

My love to you Tata x