As we are getting close to Christmas time I wanted to start to spread the love and wish you a wonderful Christmas time.

I also wanted to remind us all of why we are celebrating this time of year.
It is so easy to get caught up in the hype, the pressies, the food, the organising, the spending, the doing…..  We can get carried away with all the things that can create lots and lots of pressure on us, mentally, financially, emotionally and any other “ally”you may think of!

All I ask of you is to SLOW DOWN.  We all know lots of things need to be done by Christmas, so we can all get together and celebrate, so just when you can, slow it right down.  Slow down your walking when you are in the shops, slow down your mind, as you are thinking of what needs to be done, slow down your coffee when you are in the shops taking a break.  Just slow down and enjoy the ride.

It is a very stressful time for many, and with all that energy zooming around the shopping centres and around the world, it is easy to get caught up in it all.   We can become part of a collective conscious thought pattern without even realising it, so it may take extra observance to slow it down, because everyone is a little cray cray!  (crazy)

So when you are out and about this Christmas time, preparing for that day we spend together, slow it down and remember why we are doing all of this.  Whether you are religious, a believer or not, it is still happening around you, we are celebrating a birth.
A birth of a messenger.
A messenger of love.

So during this Christmas time, remember that message.
Remember that the reason we get together is for love.
Remember that you too are a messenger.
A messenger of love.
Love is what we need right now and always.
Love is the answer.
Love is who you are.

So with Love from my heart to yours this Christmas.
May the day be merry and bright.
And the love that surrounds you and your loved ones be filled with Peace and Joy.

Merry Christmas Friend and Let your Magnificent Light Shine x