It has been so interesting to watch the changes occurring in our world.

The crumbling of old ideas, ways of being, and patterns that created instability in many ways are now falling away for us as a whole and on a personal level. It is as if the ground below us is cracking and everything that is not of goodness, or the light, will fall into an ether of darkness never to return.  The old emotions and belief systems we grew up with being shed so we can live a life that is filled with more freedom and love.

There is still turmoil going on around us, and within many of us, but this is just the process.  Side note, the light has already overpowered the dark, that I know for sure, there is no war but more of an unraveling and clearing on every level from our cellular structures to the entire universal flow. So, I want you to know, we got this.

Depending on where we are on our personal journey, lessons will show up differently for each of us.  But with the same destination.  To know ourselves and our love deeper.

As I witness all the people in my life friends, family, and acquaintances, I see aspects of their healing, growing, and blooming in so many ways.  Old, repeated patterns that come up and need to be cleared on all levels with new ways embraced.

Right now, there are lightworkers who have been working with spirit for decades needing to rest and change their ways. Those newly woken, embracing light and spreading their joy far and wide for all to see and hear, whilst others are in seek mode, inquisitive and in awe of this new world, they have found within.  It does not matter what part of the journey we are on; the important part is that we acknowledge it and start to become consciously aware of how we choose to evolve ourselves.

Just recently I have had several triggers that kept showing up for me connected to my Divine Feminine.  Jealousy, anger, betrayal, competition all linked to women in my life.  Needless to say, I am usually led to unravel them and get to the seed of the issue so I can move forward.

These feelings have been coming up time and time again, with temporary resolve, it seems because here she is again, rearing her head.  So here I am now, again, looking a little deeper.

The deeper the healing the higher the rise.

This life of mine has been filled with many feelings of betrayal from women, including sexual abuse, ridicule, betrayal, and just pure nastiness.

A story I would like to share is one that was just a moment in time, with women I did not know, but 20 years later is still with me.

I was at a club celebrating a birthday where a party was being held for a friend.  I was in my early 30s and felt healthy and well at the time.  I looked a million bucks that night and exuding joy.  After hours on the dance floor with my dear girlfriends, I needed to go to the toilet, and left the girls on the dance floor as I waged my way through the crowd to get to the line for the toilet.

As women do at times, we started chatting to each other in line, it was a hot summer night, and the energy was really high. The line was so long and taking forever, the girls were going in 3 or 4 at a time, even though we didn’t know each other, to get it moving quicker. There was only one loo and it is kind of girl code to just help each other out.  Right?

I was in the line by myself, and the ladies in front of me who were friendly and chatty invited me to go in with them as we moved the line along quickly.  A little tipsy, and going with the flow, I was happy just to go in and keep chatting.  It was a huge bathroom.  Mirrors along the wall with the basins where you could do your make up and one loo in the corner, with no walls for privacy.  Just an open space.  None of us seemed to be bothered as we all went about our business.

We chatted and reapplied our makeup, each taking our turn to go to the loo one by one in this big bathroom, and then it was my turn.  Not a thought had passed through my mind that these women were vindictive or nasty.   And I am not sure why, but as I was on the toilet, halfway through my number ones, when the obvious leader of the three, caught my eye, slowly walked over to the door, and opened it up completely exposing me directly toward the waiting line outside.

There I was pants down, on the toilet, looking straight into a line of waiting women. She looked back at me, and left laughing hysterically with her friends.

I was dumbfounded.  I could not understand why she did this.  I did not know her, I did not understand what was happening.  But it was so awful and embarrassing.  It was cruel. I still feel the hurt as I write this now.

Thankfully the first girl in line who was looking as shocked as me hurried to close the door.  I pulled up a brave face and quickly left to go back onto the dance floor.

Now, this may seem like such a small event to many, but it had a big impact on me.  And the questions. What did I do to her? Why did she do this to me? And a stranger? Someone I had nothing to do with? I don’t even know her?

Maybe it was my karma healing.  Maybe it was her creating a karma.  But whatever it was, it felt like such a betrayal of the sisterhood. The women we are. And it hurt.

As I revisited this event, I realised that if a stranger could hurt me so deeply, then how deep must be the hurt from the women that I loved?

As I started to investigate some of the feelings coming up, I had to go back lifetimes and saw many atrocities that occurred to me as a woman, that was being caused by other women. Burnings and sacrifices to name a few, but all still held within memory.   I also began to feel that I was being led to delve even deeper and seek answers to share the information, for it will resonate with all the changes occurring for the divine feminine collectively at this time.

So, like all of my writings, this is why I am here. To unravel my personal journey with the collective in mind. And maybe today the veil of pain and betrayal, comparison and competition with my sisters will be lifted for me and all who have connected to this for resolve personally, to change patterns globally.

Much of the old paradigm on our earth, has been to embrace a power as external.  Politics, religion, sexuality to name a few.

The Divine Masculine took a front seat for a long while, with much force, implanting the idea that power was found outside of us by instilling the ideas that external beauty, money, and material possessions were true power, and over time the women on the planet took this on board.

When the external powers were at play, women began to adopt programs of jealousy, external beauty, competition, betrayal, and unworthiness as part of their make up.  Women began to compare themselves to other women and compete for a man’s attention.  Women who ridicule and berate other women for the way they looked and those who started to sell their bodies in their own way to sustain some sort of power.  To use our bodies as a weapon with men, to seduce and subdue are all externally driven. The nurture and connection to our intimate intuition and compassion for one another were replaced with ego, envy, and power.  It vies energy against energy.

The divine feminine had been squashed, way down below, where a disconnect from our heart, our true nature became lost.  And over time, the dark side of this energy was born.

The dark side of the feminine is seeded in each of us.  For eons, this power play has been acted out and is now part of our personal and global history as we start to change it all.  So much of the shift toward pure feminine happens within the women on the planet at this time and beyond.

The need to compete with another, the idea that we must use our bodies to be powerful, and the practice of speaking ill of each other will stop.

We have all been women and men at some point in our incarnations, so we all carry the seed of the divine feminine and divine masculine within us.  But the women on the planet right now, at this time, are the ones that are assisting the energies back to their purest forms with the greatest abilities to shift it.

Simply the women hold the power to return to the purity of Feminine Divine love. A powerful sensual energy that holds creative expansion and joy, together with a divine mothers love, centered in heart.

The feminine, gentle and nurturing energy, is powerful in grace, wisdom, and intuition which is found within each of us and must be nurtured back to a place of safety. I am led to say ‘safety’ because for decades her energy has been repressed and abused.  It has been ignored and even ridiculed.

The powerful creative sensual energies that have been exploited, now start the return to a place of safety so that our creation dances wildly with the freedom of our body aligned to expression.

When we are truly aligned to the power of the Feminine Divine, we activate so much love, compassion, kindness and understanding within ourselves and humanity. The idea of external love falls away as we begin to truly embrace our power within.  The power of love.

We, the women of our time, have a great power to transform all those old ways, for we are already doing it.  It is quite incredible to know that we are in the midst of change. And that we are the change of this programming.

We see the gathering of sister circles that are emerging, the sacred ceremonies, the expression of emotion, even the men’s circles and gatherings, that hold the elements of the feminine divine with the masculine. The support and nurture for each other is happening now. The coming together to share our wisdoms, to support and care for each other again is growing.  What was dismantled in the past, is now coming back stronger.

We are allowing our emotions to flow, and be accepted, we are holding space for each other to really heal, and many of us are emerging with a force of power and love that is all-encompassing, which is incredibly beautiful.

All the negative narrative around the feminine that includes things like our period, menopause, childbirth, expressing emotion, body image, our true sensuality and sexuality, is all changing and moving toward the power of compassion and expression.

Yes, the triggers we have on our personal journey may connect us to memory in this life or another, and here at this precipice of change, we have the opportunity to consciously choose to shift and clear these old patterns and beliefs within ourselves, for our daughters and our daughters’ daughter just by loving ourselves and each other more.

Our triggers are our gateway to freedom.

To compete, to judge, to bitch, to compare, to ridicule are things we can stop doing toward ourselves within our own minds, for this is where the real reprogramming starts.  When we can catch our narrative and change it.

And as we allow ourselves to feel these triggers of emotion, we see what false beliefs are living in our hearts and minds.  Our hearts are changing to a higher vibrational field and this is why all these old feelings are surfacing.  They need to be healed.

The old wounds from mother-child relationships, childhood friendships, outdated ancestral beliefs, old magic, old wounds coming to the fore to heal.

And as we do this for ourselves, we do it for the evolution of humanity.

Soon the balance between masculine and feminine will reign in peaceful harmony.  Regardless of the gender we hold on this planet, a balance is taking place so we can move into a new world with more compassion and kindness.  More understanding.  More acceptance.  And more love.

For this is who we truly are.