To be or not to be, that is not the question.  You are, you are, you are.

It is the sound of silence that you seek.  The sound of silence.

Within this silence is your answers.  Your answers to all the questions in the universe, the answers to all you are required to know.  The silence is the knowing.  The knowing of all you are.

The silences, the silences within is the power you hold with out.

Be not afraid of the silence dear one, it is where all is created within the space of everything in between. Know share be.  It is now.  The time is now to sit in the silence of love.

Breathe and hold.  Hold your moment. Then hold the next moment.  It is here where we create.  It is the creating source.  Silence the mind, silence the body.  Breathe.  It is the breath that carries creation.

The oxygen within that breath, the life force of your breath, that creates then creates then creates.  It is the silence in the breath.  The ease of the breath, so effortlessly allowing you to live this human life.

Breath is spirit.  It lifts your spirit allows the law of love to penetrate through every atom within every cell.  It is your breath.   The silence of your breath that holds the answers.  It is the key to your existence.

So now, stop and behold your breath dear one.  It is where it all is.  It is where it all is.

To be or not to be.  You are.  You are here now.  With your breath with your moment.

The silence holds the key to all that needs to be unlocked.  It is all within you.  It is all within you.  Unlock it with the key.  Your key.  It is yours to have to hold to use now.

At this time.

Silence your breath.

Breathe your silence.

And so it becomes one.

One with you, one with me, one with we.

Not divided we are one.

We are unity.

It is now.

The time is now.

Hold and behold.

Begin to create with intention.

It is yours to hold dear one.

And so be it.